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Q: Is 28 the maximum number of qubits allowed to run in any individual circuit i.e. are ancilla qubits allowed?


A: To prevent a substantial increase in number of shots resulting from running two same 28-qubit circuits in parallel, we set the maximum usable qubits to 55. Ancillary qubits are allowed within this limit, but the computation must be completed within the time limit.

Q: Is polynomially scaling supporting classical computation allowed?


A: Yes, it is allowed.

Q: Can further orbital rotations be performed?


A: Yes, they are allowed. However, please do not implement an algorithm that hacks the parameters used for the Hamiltonian in the problem.

Q: Can we perform the simulation of multiple circuits of different numbers of qubits (< 28) as long as we remain within the shot limit?


A: Yes, that is acceptable.

Q: How many members can a team have in maximum?

A: There is no upper limit on the number of members in a team.

Q: Can we train a machine learning model with random training data from small, exactly solvable quantum systems (up to 8 qubits) to optimize the search procedure for larger 28-qubit systems?

A: Yes, that is not prohibited.

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