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I, or our company (the participant), agree to the following conditions of participation (the "Terms") and will participate in the Quantum Algorithm Grand Challenge (QAGC) conducted or operated by QunaSys Co., Ltd. (QunaSys). If any of our employees participate in the QAGC, they will also comply with these Terms.


1. The purpose of the QAGC is to engage participants in practical problem-solving learning by collaborating with themselves or other participants and utilizing the challenges, programs, or data (referred to as "challenge data," etc.) provided by QunaSys.


2. Participants are expected to analyze the challenge data, create responses to the challenges, and develop or modify programs.


3. All intellectual property rights arising from the challenge data provided by QunaSys belong exclusively to QunaSys.


4. The intellectual property rights to the results created or generated by participants using the challenge data (referred to as "the Results") belong to the respective participants. The Results include but are not limited to new ideas, responses to challenges, and programs.


5. Participants are required to submit the Results to QunaSys by the end of the QAGC.


6. QunaSys will not use, exploit, or implement the Results beyond the scope of considering awards in the QAGC or the purpose of operating this challenge.


7. Unless participants explicitly refuse in advance, the Results will be made publicly available via Github.


8. QunaSys will award a prize to participants who have been selected as winners based on the evaluation of the Results.


9. Participants must comply with all laws, regulations, and public order and morals and must not infringe upon any third-party intellectual property rights or any other rights in participating in the QAGC.


10. Participants shall resolve any disputes arising from the QAGC on their own and shall not seek compensation or indemnification from QunaSys.


11. If a participant violates any provisions of these Terms and causes damage to QunaSys or other participants, they shall be liable to compensate for such damages.


12. If a participant is a legal entity, the responsibility for any violations of these Terms by employees who actually participate in the project will be borne by that legal entity.

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